For more than a decade,  Harris-Perry has contributed to American public life through her distinct combination of scholarly analysis and ordinary wisdom applied to the analysis of race, gender, politics, and power. Committed to diversifying American journalism and mentoring emerging public voices, Professor Harris-Perry has developed and implemented innovative mentoring efforts including the scholars program centering the stories of women and girls of color and BLACK ON CAMPUS, a national student journalism program in partnership with The Nation.

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REporting Across the Divide

Reporting Across the Divide seeks to make explicit  the ideological worldview of young journalists as they report on polarizing political stories. The goal is not to create editorial writers, but to train genuine journalists with strong professional skills rooted in long-held norms. Engaging an unique partnership of respected journalists from across the political spectrum, Reporting Across the Divide, provides student journalists from Wake Forest University an opportunity to report on issues of race and immigration while working with top educators and journalists holding divergent ideological positions.


Black on CAmpus

In 2018, the Anna Julia Cooper Center launched BLACK ON CAMPUS: a student journalism program of in partnership with The Nation. BLACK ON CAMPUS was an extension of The Nation’s long standing commitment to the education, training, and support of student and emerging journalists. BLACK ON CAMPUS was a national program for ten student journalists at top colleges, universities, and graduate schools. These young writers worked closely with Professor Harris-Perry and Professor Sherri Williams to develop professional skills as they documented the experiences of black college students and reported on issues of national consequence to a black college student audience.


Elle SCholars

2016-2017 SCholars

The AJC Media scholars program launched in Fall 2016 as a partnership between the Anna Julia Cooper Center and The Scholars was a highly competitive journalism program for Wake Forest University undergraduates offered students an opportunity to learn crucial reporting and digital skills while creating content  focused on women and girls of color. Professor Melissa Harris-Perry and Professor Sherri Williams chose five students from more than fifty applications. Seniors, Lauren Barber, Mankaprr Conteh, Alex Dean, and Ann Nguyen and sophomore Erica Jordan. During the 2016-2017 academic year these five undergraduate students honed their journalism skills and shape national conversations.